• Burger with bacon, BBQ sauce, onion ring and a side of potato wedges
  • Lobster, crab and shrimp in a hoagie, with lettuce, onion and cheese and sauce
  • Burger with bacon, lettuce, tomato, grilled onion and fries

Matty G's Steakburgers & Spirits

About us

I BUILT IT AND THEY CAME. Matty G's was born out of a similar leap of faith that inspired Ray Kinsella to carve a baseball diamond out of a cornfield in Iowa. My "Field of Dreams" is not a cornfield but family-friendly sports-themed restaurants in Arizona.

Every weekend as an enthusiastic sports crazed kid I watched sports on TV with my Grandpa and Dad and heard about the exploits of the great players from their respective eras. Instead of Ray's 'Shoeless Joe'. I heard stories about my Grandpa's 'Hank Greenberg' and my Dad's 'Koufax and Mantle.' After the games we'd head out to the park and 'Have a Catch'; followed by a trip to the local burger joint for a burger, fries and a shake. Great memories!

The seed of Matty G's was watered during my college years when I helped finance tuition by working as a server and bartender. It was challenging and fun; ultimately sparking my desire to some day put what I learned into action. 2016 was the year my love of sports melded with the challenge of operating a restaurant.

We are proud and passionate about Matty G's. We will always attempt to provide you the customer with high quality food, great service and unique sports memorabilia that will hopefully one day spike warm memories of great times with your Grandpas and Dads! - Matt